The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints
The Peppermints


The Peppermints


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Regular price $19 The softest, smoothest, most "holy-crap-these-are-comfy" boxer briefs you'll ever wear. Seriously.

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That ice-cold, minty fresh feeling shouldn't be isolated to your mouth. Your nether regions deserve it too. That's why we made The Peppermints, a bright blue pair of buttery smooth boxer briefs made with silky-soft seams (say that 3 times fast), a secure waistband, and the right amount of hug for a carefree fit. 

Now that's what we call a breath of fresh air.

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  • 92% MicroModal® 8% elastane
  • 3x softer than cotton
  • Comfy, durable stitching
  • Matte-black soft, flexible elastic waistband
  • New design: full gusset extends to waistband
  • Natural, sustainable fibers
  • 6" inseam
  • No fly design
  • They're freakin' awesome

Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Do not bleach, do not iron and do not dry clean.


Nooks underwear like a below the belt hug
Like a below-the-belt hug

A strong, generous waistband with a light touch that lasts a gazillion washes

Nooks underwear experience true freedom
Experience true freedom

Super-soft micromodal fabric that feels like a second skin to keep you cool where it counts

Nooks underwear keep it together, man
Keep it together, man

A breathable, snug fit that keeps your eggs supported 24/7 - never crushed (or sad)

Get caught with your pants down
just right
Enhanced design for better comfort and fit

These boxer briefs form to your figure and adapt to your shape for carefree, personalized comfort all day long - because you're worth it. Our silky-smooth stitching and secure waistband also keeps them in place for whatever you get into, which means less bunching, less rolling, and definitely less wedgies. 

Get ready for maximum moveability, lunge-ability, and high kick-ability.

Nooks boxer briefs comfortable mens underwear
micromodal material nooks underwear
a breath of fresh air
Smoother than silk, breezier than cotton

Nooks are made with MicroModal™, a sustainably sourced, impossibly soft fiber that starts with beechwood trees and ends with the most amazing fabric you've ever slipped into. It's more breathable and water absorbent than cotton, which means these absurdly soft babies will help you stay cool and comfy where it counts.

Very cloudlike.

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