Which Underwear is Best for Men?

Which Underwear is Best for Men? Nooks boxer briefs

 With so many choices, how do you pick? Are trunks good? Are boxer briefs the best? What about regular briefs? Which underwear is best for men??

  • Briefs: Short, snug and don't extend to thighs
  • Boxer Briefs: Snug and extend to thighs (often 31cm from waistband to leg)
  • Trunks: Same style as boxer briefs, but slightly shorter
  • Boxer Shorts: A much looser fit. Perfect for lounging around.
  • Longjohns: Same fit as boxer briefs, but with long legs. Often worn in winter.

Beyond personal preference, there are a number of factors to consider before picking what type of underwear to slip on. You’ll want to think about how snug you want them to be, what length is most comfortable and what activities you'll be doing. Picking the right underwear can go a long way - from making you feel more comfortable to helping you fall asleep at night.

In this guide, we go through a short list of the most common types of underwear to answer the question: "Which underwear is best for men?". We also answer some commonly asked questions when it comes to men's underwear.

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Which Underwear is Best for Men: Briefs?

Briefs are short, snug and don't extend to your thighs - think Walter White from Breaking bad.

best underwear for men


They don't always have to look like your granddad's trusty tighty whities. in fact, there are some nice options out there if you're committed to this style. Briefs are still a pretty popular choice for people who want the basics, so if you're into function then these may be right for you. But be warned: they don't look very stylish and have a tendency to ride up.

Which Underwear is Best for Men: Boxer Briefs?

Boxer briefs are snug and extend down your legs to your thighs (often 31cm from waistband to leg). 

best underwear men boxer briefs

In our opinion, these are easily the most stylish and functionally sound men's underwear out there. If you get the right pair made with breathable, moisture wicking materials and leg stays (to avoid rolling up), these will probably end up being your go-to. Interestingly enough, even astronauts prefer boxer briefs when they're in the International Space Station!

Which Underwear is Best for Men: Trunks?

Boxer briefs, but slightly shorter.

best underwear for men trunks

As the slightly shorter cousin of the boxer brief, trunks are a longer than your standard briefs, but don't extend down your thigh much. Trunks are a good choice if you like the shorter feeling of briefs but enjoy the freedom that comes with a little more fabric. We've found that these also have a tendency to ride up (more than boxer briefs).

Which Underwear is Best for Men: Boxer Shorts?

Boxer briefs, but loose. Perfect for people who like the length of boxer briefs, but want a little more freedom.

best underwear for men boxers

Boxer shorts (AKA Boxers) give you the length of boxer briefs without the snug fit - perfect for lounging around. However, be warned: if you ever wear pants on top of boxers, you're gonna be doing a lot of adjusting.

Which Underwear is Best for Men: Longjohns?

These are the boxer brief's longer cousin - perfect for cold winters.

best underwear for men longjohns

Sometimes it's too cold for boxers, briefs, trunks or boxer briefs. Sometimes you need to keep things a little warmer. That's where longjohns come in. Longjohns boast the same snug fit and material as boxer briefs, but fit like pants. Throw these on underneath your chinos, jeans or slacks and you've got yourself toasty workday ahead of you.

After All That: Which Underwear is Best for Men?

If it’s time for some new underwear, you may be wondering which cut is right for you. There are a few things you need to consider, like how snug you want them to fit, what length you're most comfortable with and how you'd like them to fit. 
Buying underwear isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, so it’s essential to evaluate your individual needs. But if you were to ask us what the best men's underwear is, we'd have to go with the boxer briefs. They fit like a glove and, if they're made right, are breathable, soft and keep everything in place. Even astronauts in the International Space Station love them.

Now that you understand what the difference is between the most popular types of underwear, you should be able to make an informed decision about your next pair!

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