Valentine's Day Tips and Ideas 2020 - Your Guide to a Good Time February 14

Valentine's Day tips 2020 - Your Guide to a Good Time February 14

Looking for love this Valentine's season? How about someone to go home with? You’re not alone. In fact, if you’re looking for some fun on this February 14th, you might just be stacking the odds in your favor.

Valentine's Day is a pretty popular time of year to do a little exploring and take a walk on our.... more romantic side. According to Pornhub's Valentine's Day Insights, phrases like “love” "passionate", “orgasm” and “massage”(😉) see some big search increases (269 percent, 164 percent, 131 percent and 148 percent increases in 2017, respectively). 

But for some of us it can be a pretty daunting time - you're either expected to find grande ways to show your love or you spend the night alone browsing "YouTube". How can you prepare for Valentine's Day 2020 this year? What are some good Valentine's Day tips? What are some good Valentine's Day ideas? We've got your back. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for February 14th.

Valentine's Day Tip #1: Talk to Your Partner

Some people aren't even into grand romantic gestures. You don't want to put lots of work into a big Valentine's Day surprise and be disappointed by your partner's response. At the same time, you also don't want to under-deliver if your partner's big on romance. How can you avoid these scenarios? Talk to your partner.

A few weeks before V-Day, talk to your partner about their expectations. They might be more or less into it than you think, which can help you decide what to do. If they tell you that this holiday is significant to them, you should plan accordingly. If not, then just hanging out with them may be enough for them.

Either way, communicate - it helps.

Valentine's Day Tip #2: Plan in Advance

Chances are, your partner has mentioned something that they really want to do in the past, but never got around to it. Maybe they have a list of some really awesome restaraunts that they want to visit. Or maybe there's a gift that they really want (we think experiences are better than gifts, FYI).

One thing to remember is that Valentine's Day is an extremely popular holiday. A 2017 study found that Americans spend an average of 18.2 billion each year on V-Day. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute and then find out that all restaurants or events are completely full. To avoid that, plan in advance. If you have an idea about where you want to take your partner, call ahead a few days and see if you can book a reservation. If you're planning to buy your significant other a gift, buy it a few weeks in advance too. 

Valentine's Day Tip #3: Get Creative

After you're in a relationship for a while, it can be hard to make things exciting. But nothing spices up a relationship like a creative gesture. Sometimes restaurants can get bland - you go, eat, pay and go home. A nice dinner can be great in moderation, but too often probably isn't a very good idea.

Instead, here are some suggestions for creative Valentine's Day dates:

  • Go to a comedy club - laughter is a great way to bond and have fun
  • Go ice skating - one partner usually isn't very good, which makes for a great time
  • Take them to your first date spot - it's romantic and shows that you remember the little things
  • Crawl your city - head downtown and explore the city. You'll be surprised at how many awesome things there are that you haven't discovered
  • Go salsa dancing - fun, lots of touching and a fresh experience
  • Rent a hot air balloon - this one doesn't need much explanation. It's an incredible date idea.

The point is, think outside the box. Think about what you like, what they like and what can you do together. 

Valentine's Day Tip #4: If you're Gifting, Decide on Mutual Budgets

Although it's the thought that counts, it always sucks when one person spends alot more than the other on a Valentine's Day gift. It doesn't mean that you care less if you spend less, but it can sure look that way. An easy way to avoid this is to talk ahead of time with your partner about a mutual gift budget.

Decide on how much you're both going to spend before Valentine's Day. For example, you're both restricted to a $100 budget.

Valentine's Day Tip #5: Throw a Party

Some couples don't like doing the whole special-night-out thing. If you and your partner are fans of parties, throw one! People on Valentine's Day are always looking for something fun to do, and having a big get together with your friends sounds like a blast. 

It takes some pressure off of everything. You can choose to make it a singles-only party, couples-only or open to everyone. Who knows, you could have thrown the famous party that brought So-And-So and So-And-So together that they talk about on their wedding day.

Valentine's Day Tip #6: If You're Single, Treat yourself

Every year on social media, the hashtag #NationalSingleAwarenessDay trends right around Valentine's Day. Even though it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it has an underlying message and tone that if you're single around Valentine's Day, you should be ashamed. We think there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Instead of adopting the self-deprecating attitude, embrace your freedom as a bachelor and treat yourself.

Make yourself a nice breakfast. Hit the gym. Meet up with your friends, buy that ridiculously soft underwear you've been hearing so much about. Go bird watching. Binge watch some Netflix. Go longboarding or, if it's winter, snowboarding. Go to the beach (unless you're in Toronto, like us). Put your shirt in the dryer and put it on when it gets warm. Treat yourself, man.

If you'd rather not spend Valentine's Day alone, reach out to some of your friends and see if they'd like to hang out. Either way, don't stress about being single. It's just another day.

Valentine's Day Tip #7: Ask out that person you've been wanting to see

It might seem like a big deal to ask someone out for a Valentine's Day date, but it could work out in your favor. You never know - they might have no plans that night and are desperate to go out with someone. Considering the spike in traffic on Pornhub during Valentine's Day, it looks like lots of people are just sitting by the computer anyways - shoot your shot. If things work out, you might be celebrating Valentine's Day and your anniversary on the same day in the future🤷‍♂️

Here are some tips on how to have a great first date.

Valentine's Day Tip #8: If You are Going Out, Turn off Your Phone or Put it on Silent

Nobody likes it when the person they're out with is on their phone the entire time. It's a sign of disrespect and that you'd rather be somewhere else. Turn off the phone, put it on airplane mode or put it face down on the table. This is your time to shine and connect with your date/partner, don't waste it on Instagram and Snapchat.

Valentine's Day Tip #9: Shower, Please

This one's important. Shower. Scrub yourself down with the best soap you can afford (we recommend natural soap that isn't full of chemicals). Pay extra attention to your nether regions. If you get lucky, you don't want to smell like an 8 hour workday. 

Pro-tip: Put some Talc Powder on your boys - it'll keep them nice and dry for the night. 

Valentine's Day Tip #10: Take Care, Down There

Most people don't like to plow through bush to get to what they're after. Of course, if you are into that, no judgements here. We don't care if you've got hair, a landing strip or are sporting the naked mole rat look, just make sure to take care of it. And for the love of all that is good, do NOT use clippers down there. A good old fashioned wet shave (razor + shaving cream) in the shower will help you avoid leaving the bathroom looking like a crime scene. 

Valentine's Day Tip #11: Put Some Effort into Your Outfit

Whether you're going out with your friends or with your significant other, it never hurts to dress nicely. When you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, you're more confident - and others can feel that. But that doesn't just mean that you should throw on a nice pair of shoes and a spiffy shirt. Dressing well starts when you hop out of the shower. Throw on a sexy pair of boxer briefs to start with. If you're getting down later that night, you don't want to be caught with your pants down (pun intended) and a crusty pair of tighty whities staring them in the face.

Valentine's Day Tip #12: Stay Safe

If you're having sex, make sure to stay safe. There's lots of horror stories around unprotected sex. If it's someone you don't know well enough to know if they're healthy, use a condom. 

Valentine's Day Tip #13: Don't Get Carried Away — Consent is Sexy

Whatever happens out there, don’t take everything as an invitation to get grabby. Anyone you want to get down with will appreciate a respectful approach and some enthusiastic consent before you try to take things any further. 

Remember: being good men starts with us. 

Valentine's Day can be a little scary for many of us. But don't panic - just be yourself and plan ahead with consideration for everyone. 

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