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The Best Men's Underwear 2020 | Comfortable Men's Boxer Briefs | Nooks Underwear

If you’re like most guys, you haven’t put much thought into your underwear. As kids, our parents took care of our underwear shopping. As adults, we get most of our boxers, boxer briefs and underwear as last-minute Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. Underwear is a second thought to most guys, but isn’t that weird considering it’s one of the only pieces of clothing that we wear every day? That is, unless you’re a freeballer – all the power to you. For the rest of us, we all want the most comfortable men's underwear around, that's why we're writing this article.

But if you’re also like most men, you spend a big chunk of your day pulling and adjusting your boxers, followed by the occasional lunge to un-stick your balls from your legs. Not only is the material that most underwear companies use low-quality, but it also doesn’t breathe as well as it should. The result? A god-awful smell, unbearable chafing, and constant ride up. Yikes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we, and our scientific team of underwear experts at Nooks, spent the better part of a year designing the most comfortable men’s boxers out there. And guys like you are loving them. There's plenty of men's underwear brands out there, but not all men's underwear is created equal. Some are made with better materials. Others have funky colors and patterns. But at the end of the day, you don't want to be pulling and adjusting at your undies 24/7, so you should always opt for the most comfortable underwear.Take a look at why we make the best men’s underwear around.

What are Nooks Boxer Briefs?

First things first, Nooks are men’s underwear – men’s boxer briefs to be specific. But they’re not just any old pair of tighty whities. These nifty ball-hammocks are buttery smooth boxer briefs made with silky soft seams, a light waistband for a carefree fit and, best of all, micromodal fabric.

To make our comfy boxer briefs, we use micromodal – an impossibly soft fabric made straight from beechwood trees. The result? The most comfortable, breathable and moisture-wicking pair of boxer briefs you’ve ever slipped your boys into.

Let’s get into the details of the design.

Comfortable Men's Underwear: Breathability

Summer’s tough enough as it is. You might get pit stains, your back might start to sweat, but you don’t want to be the owner of a sweaty pair of balls. Sure, it’s unavoidable, but there’s levels to it. Most underwear is made with cotton or polyester, both of which don’t breathe well. Micromodal, unlike polyester and cotton, is breathable – it allows hot air to escape and cool air to flow in, meaning it’ll keep things ventilated. YOU NEED BREATHABLE UNDERWEAR!

Now it’s not some miracle fabric that’ll keep your balls icy cool, but its breathability works in conjunction with its moisture wicking properties to keep you cooler and dryer for longer.

Micromodal fabric allows moisture to evaporate into the air quickly. So when you sweat, you won’t stay…sweaty. Bonus points – micromodal fabric is super light and silky soft.

Comfortable Men's Underwear: Light, Generous Waistband

One huge issue we wanted to tackle was the waistband. It always seemed like it either dug into your waist and left deep red marks, rolled over the top or just didn’t fit right.

To solve that, we designed a light, generous waistband that’s not too tight and not too loose. It rarely rolls over keeps everything in place so you can focus on what matters – kicking ass and taking names.

Comfortable Men's Underwear: Sustainable Materials

Not only is micromodal stupidly soft, but it’s also lighter on the environment. Unlike synthetic materials, 95% of the production materials used in the making of our products are recovered in the manufacturing process, meaning less waste is made. Better yet, the final product is biodegradable, carbon neutral and is easier on the environment than cotton or polyester.

We also don't use any harmful dyes or chemicals - your junk doesn't need that junk.

Guys Like You are Loving Nooks Underwear

Now all of those benefits sound great, but here’s a look at why guys like you are calling Nooks the best men’s underwear:

“ever since I put these on the ladies haven’t stopped rolling in “

“Loved them! Felt so light and cool while doing a great job in keeping things well arranged.”

“These are ridiculously wicked comfortable. I'm way into choosing underwear, and thought I'd found my go-to underwear before. But then I tried these. Wow.”

Here’s a link to the rest of our reviews if you’d like to take a gander yourself.

Suffice to say, The products we give guys are top of the line, and our customers are really happy with our men's underwear. But what are they loving most? What makes these the best men’s boxer briefs?

  1. Best men's boxer briefs - guys are always surprised by how soft the material is

Most guys have never even heard of micromodal. That’s why when they receive their Nooks underwear, they’re always surprised by the feel of the material. It has a silk-like feel while boasting a softness that makes cotton boxer briefs seem like rigid cardboard. It’s extremely light and stretchy, and it’s a material that we’re crazy proud of.

  1. Best men's boxer briefs - puys love the quality of the material

Like we said, the silky-softness is something to marvel at. When you touch it, you can tell it’s top-notch quality.

  1. Best men's boxer briefs - proper support

There’s nothing worse than underwear that doesn’t hold everything in place. You don’t want your boys to be running amuck in your jeans – they should stay put at all times. We designed our pouch area with that in mind. With a double layer and a strong, soft seam, you can rest assured that your balls aren’t going anywhere when you’re out tackling your day.

Based on the feedback from our awesome customers, we’ve started offering packs of boxer briefs. Need to refresh your top drawer? We’ve got you covered. Need to change your entire underwear rotation? We’re here for you. Pick a 4 pack or an 8 pack and save some money.

Nooks Underwear | best men's boxer briefs online

Trust us, there’s a reason why we’re rated 4.8 stars. We’ve obsessively designed Nooks underwear to be the softest thing you’ve ever put on your body. They really are the best men’s boxer briefs out there.

As always, stay safe, stay comfy and keep on being a badass.